Bad Credit, Zero Down Car Loans? YES!

Is Platinum Auto Finance A Good Company To Work With?

Should You Go to a Buy Here Pay Here Indianapolis Car Dealership

A vehicle is a necessity for a lot of people, but not everyone can afford to get one, regardless if it is new or second-hand. This is why people turn to auto financing to help them get the vehicle they need. Now, when applying for a car loan, banks are not the only option anymore, as there are now other companies that are offering car loan for people.

What is Platinum Auto Finance?

Platinum Auto Finance

One such company is the Platinum Auto Finance based in Clearwater, Fl. The company specializes in financing vehicles at an affordable rate throughout Florida and North Carolina. The company puts customer service as their top priority, ensuring that their customers are well cared for and that they are matched with the right loan for them that is also fair and affordable.

But is it the right finance company that you should be working with? Read on to find out.

Pros and Cons of Working with the Auto Finance Loan Company

Like any other company out there, it has its pros and cons and this is what we’ve gathered based on what their customers are saying.


One of the positives of working with them is that they’re willing to provide you with a loan even if you have bad credit. This is a big plus for a lot of people out there, considering that banks and other lenders prefer only to work with people who have good credit. So having a chance to get financing, even if you have bad credit is a big plus.

Should You Go to a Buy Here Pay Here Indianapolis Car Dealership

Another good thing about working with this company is that they will really try and help you get the right deal with the right dealer. They have partnered with a lot of local dealers to help their customer find the right vehicle for their needs that they can also afford.


One of the main complaints that a lot of people have is that some of their staff are very rude, especially if your someone who is going to be a bit late for your payment. These people understand that they are late, but they tried talking to the company nicely and politely, but the company didn’t return this kind of behavior to them but instead gave them some attitude.

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Another complain that a lot of people have is that they would deduct money from your bank account or your credit card without even notifying you and even without your authorization.

Auto Finance

It’s understandable for the car loan company to try and protect their interest, but it’s also important that they still follow the right process when it comes to doing things like this. They should at least notify their customers and ask for authorization before actually deducting money.

You can also review subprime-auto-lenders and nationwide auto finance.

The Bottom Line

From the looks of it, they seem like a good company to work with, provided you are able to be on time with your payments. The company treats and respects you properly if you are a good paying customer.

If you are not confident that you can pay your monthly due on time, then this finance company may not be for you, since they tend to harass and act rude to people who are late for their monthly payments.