Bad Credit, Zero Down Car Loans? YES!

How to Get Approved by Auto Lenders Lakewood NJ

Auto Lenders Lakewood NJ

A lot of people these days need cars to get to wherever they need to go, because public transport is not always convenient or safe for everyone.

Public transportation can take up a lot of people’s time and energy, but a car can get them to their destination faster without wearing them out. However, not everyone will be able to be confident enough to be sure that they will be approved for a car loan.


Thankfully, there are many ways you can raise your chances of getting approved for a loan from autolenders to buy a car. Here are some tips that you can follow to help you have a better chance at loan approval to get the car buying experience that you deserve.

Know What Your Finances Are

Before you decide to pay a visit to some autolenders or regional banks to apply for a car loan, you must be aware of what your financial status is first. First, you have to start with what your current income is.

Think about how much you earn each month and how much of it goes to your bills, rent, daily necessities, etc.

This will help you know how much money you can take out each month to pay for a loan, therefore you will know exactly what kind of loan you can realistically afford (don’t forget about interest rates and how much gas and parking would cost too!).

Then the next part isn’t always as fun, and that is your credit history. Be sure to check up on what your current credit score is, because this can affect a great deal of what kind of loans you can get or how easy it will be for you to get approved.

If you have a subprime or poor credit score, you should expect to get charged with higher interest rates or face rejection for your car loans. You can try to raise your credit score before you apply for a car loan from autolenders Lakewood NJ, but keep in mind that it could take time.

However, a higher credit rating will give you much more benefits, so it wouldn’t hurt to wait a while until you have a better credit score.

To add to your financial situation, you ought to make sure that you have been employed in your current career for at least two years before you apply. This is not only important because it looks good to autolenders when you apply for their loans, it is because some lenders actually deem it as a part of their requirements.

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Unless you have a very good reason as to why you switched jobs, the chances are autolenders will not be jumping at the chance to work with someone who doesn’t have a stable career history. Be sure to try sticking with your job for a while to raise your chances of getting approved for a car loan, it gives you time to save up too.

It is very crucial that you look over your current financial state. This will help you be completely aware of how much money you are able to take out each month. Moreover, you don’t want to put yourself in debt due to negligence. Be sure to carefully evaluate yourself before taking out a car loan.

Fix Your Debt

Debt is not only an issue to the lenders, but it is an issue for you too. When you think about it, if you have plans on getting a car loan but you still have lots of other debt remaining, you are just going to overwhelm yourself trying to pay for everything. Be sure to clear out as much debt as you can.

If you have debt from your credit cards, we recommend that you try to keep it below 30%, and if possible much lower than that before you apply for a car loan.

credit cards

Don’t forget that autolenders have the ability of checking your credit history because they will want to know what your history is when it comes to cash. If they check out your credit reports and see that you have a lot of debt floating around with a poor payment history, then you might as well kiss your chances of getting your car loan approved goodbye.

To add to this, we recommend that you don’t try to buy things that would add more debt, so it would be best to
keep yourself behaved spending-wise until your debt is low and your car loan has gotten approved.

Don’t forget that your payment history counts for a third of your credit score. If the auto lender sees that you are frequently paying for things late or lacking in payments, or worse not paying for them at all, then your chances of getting a car loan are slim to none.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry too much about your past mistakes. You can try to make up for it now by paying
for your bills on time and in full each month while clearing out your debt. You could also get a new secured credit card to show good payment history from that card to try to raise your credit score.

Now, these methods aren’t going to get you a car loan tomorrow. In fact, some of these methods can take quite some time, but if you want approval with low interest rates, these are the best methods that you can use. Be patient and work hard, and you’ll be the car owner that you want to be.