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Tips for buying an auto with bad credit Auto loan

Whatever the situation you are in, bad credit will not disqualify you from being a car owner.  In fact, there are thousands of consumers with less-than-perfect credit who are taking the wheel, thanks to a bad credit auto loan.  Besides, these buyers enjoy the same benefits as those with excellent credit. One of these benefits is preapproval.

 Every car buyer’s position is different from the other.  Prior arrangements for the car buying process will give you an idea of what will work for your situation.  Here are some tips to help you qualify for a auto loan when you have poor credit;


How should I prepare my budget?

At least 4 out of every 5 consumers have an idea of the type of car they want to invest in.  However, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advises auto shoppers to first analyze their financial situation before choosing a car.  This includes their budget, credit history and what they can put as down payment.

How will bad credit affect my ability to get an auto loan?

If you have bad credit, lenders tend to consider a wide range of factors to have your auto loan application approved. Most lenders will make a decision depending on these factors.  One of the main considerations is your credit score.

Although a poor credit score won’t reduce your chances of getting approved, it will play an important role in determining the interest rate you will qualify for.  A credit score is simply an indicator of the consumer’s creditworthiness.

It is influenced by your credit experiences, which are compiled to come up with credit reports. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advises that you get a copy of your credit report from the major credit bureaus.  The main reason for reviewing your credit reports is to confirm if there are any inaccuracies and have them corrected before applying for an auto loan.

Should I use a finance calculator?

You can use auto finance calculators to estimate the loan amount that you can afford to pay back. A budget calculator will help determine whether the loan monthly payment can fit in your budget.  By making use of this calculator, you will get an idea of whether you are left with enough money to repay the debt after all other expenses are taken care of.

The figure you come up with, together with the annual percentage rate, the loan term and down payment can be keyed into an affordability calculator to determine the total cost of the loan.  Since this calculator is available online, the values can be adjusted to see how the situation changes.

What are bad credit auto loan terms and rates?

When using the auto finance calculators, it can be confusing to differentiate between the loan term and APR.

What is APR?

Apr is the annual interest rate charged on the loan, including any transaction fees associated with the loan.  The APR will greatly determine what your monthly payments will be, as well as how much you will have to pay over the life of the loan.  According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), some of the factors that determine the APR include the borrower’s credit history, market conditions, current interest rates, and special offers.

What is the loan term?

When you are using an auto loan calculator, you can see how the loan term will affect your monthly payments when the APR is unchanged.  With longer loan terms, you will spend less on monthly repayments. Shorter long terms, however, equate to the high monthly payment. What you need to know about longer loan monthly payment terms is that you may have to pay more in terms of interest. But this also depends on the APR.  If you work with a reputable lender, it is possible to negotiate the interest rate and loan term and come up with a monthly payment plan that works best for you.

Should I trade in my vehicle to give me a bigger down-payment?

If you want to finance a vehicle with bad credit, a down payment or trading in your current vehicle can also make things easier for you. Both options can reduce the loan amount and this will make it easier to repay the debt.

Should I use an a loan cosigner?

Applying for an auto loan with a cosigner can also have a positive impact when looking for an auto loan. However, not all lenders require consumers with bad credit to have a cosigner.  When the cosigner agrees to apply for the loan with you, he or she will share all the responsibilities, which includes paying off the loan if you default. You can get more information on how to choose an auto loan cosigner and the effect of cosigning a loan at the CFPB.

Can I Finance an auto with bankruptcy and no credit history?

 If you recently filed for bankruptcy or have no credit history, it is still possible to qualify for auto financing.  Some lenders like accept applications from people with different types of credit. But in this situation, you may have to put a down payment, have a cosigner or trade-in a vehicle to increase your chances of getting qualified.

What sort of vehicle should I choose?

By comparing auto loans from different lenders, you will at least get an idea of the financing that is right for you. You will also know the type of vehicle that you can easily afford before applying for the loan. Normally, people with bad credit invest in used cars rather than new ones. But everyone has different needs and preferences. If your main aim is to save on fuel, you can make use of a fuel savings calculator to get the potential expenditure on gas for different types of vehicles. This way, you can be lucky to get a new model that is also affordable to use.

Should I compare bad credit auto lenders?

Once you have all the documents and information ready, FTC advises that you compare options from different auto loan providers. If you have poor credit, try comparing rates from banks, finance companies, and credit unions. There are also auto dealerships that help consumers with bad credit to buy a car.

Can I apply for loan online?

Auto lenders like Motorlender accept online auto loan applications from consumers with bad credit.  A complete online application process comes with different advantages, including cutting out the middlemen.  It is also easy to apply for an auto loan online. Whether you are at home or work, you can use your mobile phone to apply for the loan and get an instant decision.  You will also get pre-approved for the loan, which means that you can apply with confidence knowing what the loan amount, loan term and APR for the loan will be.

If you require any clarifications concerning online auto loans, our friendly customer service team is always ready to read your email, chat and receive your phone calls.

When can I find a bad credit auto dealership?

Finding the right dealership will make the vehicle buying process much easier and quicker.  Motorlender works with more than 14,000 dealerships in the US, offering high-quality vehicles that can also meet your needs and budget.  When you apply for an auto loan with us and get approved, you will get a list of recommended dealerships within your region. If you do not want to work with a dealership, that’s fine too.

What is right for you ?

When buying a car with bad credit, what matters more is finding the right deal for your situation. Motorlender is a leading auto lender.  Motorlender have experience in the industry, which accepts applications with both good and bad credit.  We provide multiple offers for qualified car shoppers depending on their auto buying needs. You can also consider Car Leasing.

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